Laia takes care of erasing any stain that appears in her big white wall. When Dot arrives, she can’t imagine everything that can happen. With a little bit of magic and a lot of imagination, Dot and Laia start a journey across the music and the colours. They only have to join the dots for the magic to begin. Together they will see that a wall can be much more than a simple wall. It could be the perfect setting to make their dreams come true. Dot is a performance in which dance, theatre, music and new technologies combine to create a magical puzzle where everything is possible. Taking as a starting point the stimulating work of the American artist Sol Lewitt, we will transform a giant white wall into a space full of colors.

Ficha artística

Main characters:
Ezequiel Gil, Laia Sorribes

Playwright and direction:
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Choreographic direction:
Mamen García

Direction assistants:
Joan Santacreu

Damián Sánchez

Bea Herráiz

Joan Miquel Reig

Realization costumes:
Teresa López


Juan Pablo Mendiola

Set and graphic desing:
Joan Santacreu

Jordi Pla

Nirvana Imatge

Technical service:

Production assistants:
Andrés Roses, Elena Villagrasa, Cristina Campillo

Loles Peris

Executive production:
Joan Santacreu

Type of audience:
Children 3 to 6 years and family audiences


  • 2015 Premio MAX
    • Best Chindren’s Show
  • 2014 Premis Butaca
    • Nominat Millor Espectacle Familiar
  • 2014 Premi FETEN
    • Mejor espectáculo infantil

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