A scenic framework of sensations

ras! is an spectacle that mixes theatre, dance and arts where the new technologies favour a stimulating scenic game and magic for the children.A huge white painting on stage will be the base where the action and spectacle take place.The spectators,located through this space, occupy a privileged space in the scenic space.The proximity of actors offers a direct contact with this sensorial adventure.

Joan loves drawing: he draws everything. The arrival of Lluna causes great curiosity
ras! shows the meeting between Joan and Lluna.Lluna discovers the colour for Joan.An universe of lines, colours and shapes is opened before them.With their imagination and lines,they create new spaces and open doors to a fantastic world.Together they draw a small adventure from which a friendship’s been born.

Ficha artística

Main characters:
Lara Sanchís i Joan Santacreu / Román Cebrián

Playwright and direction:
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Choreographic direction:
Mamen Garcia

Paco Garnelo

Offstage voice:
Alfred Picó

Joan Miquel Reig

Lightning and audio-visuals:
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Art creation:
Patricia Barrachina

Costumes maker:

Graphic design:
Joan Santacreu

On tour technician:
Héctor Ferrández

Jordi Pla

Nirvana Imatge

Joan López

Loles Peris

Production assistants:
Inma Melero i Anabel Calderón

Executive production:
Joan Santacreu

Type of audience:
Recommended for children 3 to 6 years and family audiences


  • 2010 Premi Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana
    • Millor espectacle infantil
    • Millor il·luminació
  • 2010 Premis Abril de les Arts Escèniques Valencianes
    • Millor espectacle infantil
    • Millor espai escènic
    • Millor direcció coreogràfica
    • Millor vestuari
    • Millor empresa productora
    • 7 nominacions
  • 2010 Premi FETEN
    • Nuevas propuestas teatrales